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Decorating Train Cake

decorating train cake

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Train Cake 5

Train Cake 5

Train Cake made for a colleagues sons 2nd Birthday.
Took approx 4 hours total over two days.
Cake is chocolate.
Icing is chocolate ganache.
Various lollies used to decorate
-Jelly fruits
-Red Licorice
-Black Licorice
-White Chocolate Buttons

Oreos used for wheels.
Wine Gums for the chimney
Marshmallows used for the smoke (a straw with a pipe cleaner in the middle was pushed through them).

Train Cake

Train Cake

Made these today. Will probably decorate later this evening. There's two ways I want to try to decorate the trains. I'll post them again and ask to see what you think!

decorating train cake

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